The Value of Daydreaming [Marianne Marchesi]

It takes a unique group of individuals to run their own business.

They’re passionate. Stubborn. Aspirational, and hard-working. They can’t be afraid to buck trends, explore alternative solutions… and daydream.

These aren’t typically qualities you’d expect to find in the tightly-regulated, process-driven legal world.

This is the world that Marianne Marchesi lives in. Marianne is the founder of Legalite, a legal practice that does things differently. As one of Australia’s leading franchising experts and advisor to some very prominent brands, she’s passionate about flipping traditional ideologies of legal practice. Instead of the impenetrable legal jargon and rigour, they offer legal services done simply, taking a human-centred approach.

Before founding Legalite, Marianne had worked in traditional private practice for ten years. But traditional practices, she quickly realised, were so focused on strict numbers and making profits that the human aspect fell by the wayside. It was a money-driven, cynical environment that didn’t align with her values. 

Starting Legalite was Marianne’s opportunity to create a values-driven business.

Coming from a migrant family, she’d always seen how hard her parents worked. Her father was a pharmacist, and her mother was a freelance interpreter, so she always got to see the joys and the frustrations of running your own business. 

Raised within a family community, it was all about building and nurturing relationships. It was about doing good for the people around you, doing what you could to help them succeed.

Her father always told her that money isn’t everything. Sure, it’s nice when you get it—but money simply enables you to do more, to do more to give back. And if you’re doing what you love, the money will come in.

And for Marianne, this has absolutely been true. 

At Legalite, it’s always been about community. About the people. About helping clients and team members work with a purpose towards a bigger picture. For Marianne, it’s about having a positive impact on the people in her life, in her business, and in the community she’s built.

And to see past the money, to see the human aspect of the law professional, it takes a mind that thinks differently. 

A daydreamer.

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