It’s Not The Dollars, It’s the Cause [Emily Wallace]

Emily Wallace runs and owns her own property buyer’s advocacy business.

For Emily, outside of the initial early days of opening her books to clients, it’s never been about the money. Revenue is an important factor, of course, but it’s always been about providing education, and helping first home owners achieve their property dreams.

But to be able to achieve this, she needed balance. Starting out as a solo entrepreneur, Emily learned quickly something that it takes a lot of us a while to understand: that saying ‘no’ allows you more room to say ‘yes’.

Emily was able to clearly identify the type of client she was passionate about helping, and then put all her efforts into working purely for this customer segment. She knew who she wanted to work with, who she enjoyed working with. And by identifying this, it made it easier to attract this type of client, and build efficiencies into the business to deliver more value for this specific client type.

Emily has never been a person to hide behind a façade. For her, what you see is what you get. She treats all her clients the same, speaks the same way with clients as she would family.

There’s an honesty there, an authenticity that can’t be replicated. And this is what her customers engage with. They engage with this honest personality, the clear indication that Emily has their interests in mind.

It takes courage to be honest, and to work with a purpose in this way. And it takes courage to specialise, to say ‘no’ to particular clients because they don’t quite fit your ideal client mould.

But the rewards are definitely worth it.

For Emily, success is about raising others up, while raising yourself up. It’s about bringing other people along the journey with you, and helping them succeed as well.

Emily has focused on what she does best. She helps people achieve their dreams, and take the next step in their life. And thanks to this, the business is growing. For Emily, success is being able to grow with people.

By building a values-based business, a service offering that’s based on a belief system instead of a monetary goal, Emily has set herself up for a long-term, sustainable business.

She helps her clients, and through this passion, the money will come.

Because it’s not about the dollars—it’s about the cause.

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