Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Business [Emily & Marc Rovere]

Emily and Marc Rovere are the owners of DLC Nutrition smoothie bars. The husband and wife duo are passionate about all things health, fitness and helping others, and have managed to create a thriving business that does this in spades.

But their success didn’t come easily.

It was losing half a million dollars in their first business venture that forced them to turn the focus inwards and redefine their relationship with money. They had to work on their core, so that they could truly fulfil their personal purpose for running a business and start making a positive impact on their community.

Emily and Marc first met through mutual circles in the Mornington Peninsula, but it was their strong work ethic and passion for giving back to their community that eventually brought them together.

“It was just really refreshing to find each other. We started thinking about our whole goal to really help people change their life, to really reach their full potential… [and thought] imagine if we could combine our skills and our passions and make a bigger impact?”, says Emily of their meeting.

Combining Emily’s skills as an Osteopath and Marc’s personal training background, the Rovere’s were able to create a business focusing on their love of holistic health, nutrition and fitness.

Both acknowledge that by combining their skill sets they were able to far exceed the heights that they could have reached individually. The freedom and scalability gained from working together has allowed them to kick goals with their business and turn their sights to spreading their gifts wider.

“We now have to go on and show other people that if they’re in that dark hole, like we were 10 years ago, there is a way out – that’s our responsibility now, is to pass on the gifts that we were given,” says Emily of their philosophies behind extending their brand.

Now, through the success of their smoothie bar, they have gone on to deliver a ‘non-franchise’ franchise model of DLC Nutrition and also create Global Transformations Co, an organisation of health conscious entrepreneurs, coaches and clients.

Emily and Marc’s aspirations have always been about the people around them. Their measure of personal success is to have made an impact on another person’s journey.

It’s safe to say that this episode helps further that aspiration.

We unpack further Emily and Marc’s amazing business journey, along with what they pinpoint as the key elements of their business model that have helped their success, in Episode 12 of the It’s Never About Money Podcast. Happy listening.


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