Flipping Feedback On Its Head [Peter Muling]

For most organisations, feedback and performance reviews are just a ‘tick box’. Something that you have to do once or twice a year to keep HR happy.

But, what if instead of just being a ‘tick and flick’, these interactions were actually a meaningful, positive experience for both your leaders and your team?

This is exactly what drives Peter Muling from Ethical Leaders.

And through his work, he is flipping feedback on its head, one leader at a time.

Peter is challenging the ‘traditional’ way of giving and receiving feedback. He coaches leaders on how to give feedback in the workplace to enhance workplace relationships, productivity, culture, and growth.

“It’s about equipping individuals with specific, actionable skills, strategies and practices, and leading with the Why”, says Peter.

What is the ‘Why’? Peter explains that in order to build a high morale environment, leaders need to identify and articulate their ‘Why’ – the fundamental values, beliefs, and guiding principles which drive their daily practices. This provides clarity, is a sign of empathy and is a practice strong in integrity.

This helps people develop a better understanding of the causes and impact of people’s emotional reactions and, crucially, how to intentionally enhance positive and productive responses in those challenging circumstances we face daily in the workplace and life.

It’s about switching from an emotional, blame laden ‘red triangle outlook’, to view feedback through more of a ‘blue triangle’, problem solving outlook,.

“Essentially, it is about optimising emotions to enhance relationships at home and at work. We will support an organisation to bring out the best in people for the benefit of individuals, teams and the organisation” explains Peter.

When a more happy and collaborative work environment is up for grabs, it’s a wonder why more leaders are making better use of their feedback systems.

To find out more about Peter’s approach to feedback, look for his new book “The Power of Triangles”, which he co-wrote with psychologists Dr Peter Hart and Roger Dingle – coming out soon!

Find out more about Peter:
Website: www.ethicalleaders.com.au
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-muling
BOOK: Coming out soon.

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