Navigating Life’s Transitions [Aynsley Jurson]

Navigating all that life has to throw at you is hard at the best of times.

Especially when it comes to those macro life-events: be it retirement, the death of a loved one or divorce.

That’s where this week’s guest Aynsley Jurson comes in. Aynsley is a divorce and separation coach, who draws on her experience as a former Financial Adviser. She believes in merging expertise with empathy to create a healthy, empowering divorce experience.

During our conversation, we talked about her work in helping people make the transition through divorce so that they can manage the journey emotionally, mentally and financially.

She explained the 4 stages that people go through during this trying time: anticipation, separation, passage and ending. These stages hold true no matter what big life event you are going through.

The 4 stages

Anticipation is the setting of expectations before the event. It’s asking yourself what this life changing event means to you. What is going to change? Where am I going to live? How will I be financially?

Managing these expectations and working through what the future looks like is paramount. When it comes to retirement or selling your business this could be a long time – maybe 10 or 20 years. But in the case of sickness or divorce, there can be way less lead in time.

Separation is the actual event and the time after. It’s a busy time and there are always a lot of decisions to be made.

A good advisor during this time will give the client space. Help you not make irrevocable decisions during this turbulent time.

The third stage Aynsley calls passage. This is the period of time when you are adapting to your new life. This stage can go on for years. All the big steps have been taken, but there is transition fatigue. 

It’s all about finding yourself and your identity after the transition.

The final stage, naturally, is ending. The event is in the past and you’re finally able to look forward. You have a new, learned growth mindset and a blank slate.


Transition is a chance to start again, spend time on yourself and do what YOU want to do.


To find out more about transitioning successfully through life’s tough times, listen to Episode 31 of It’s Never About Money.

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