The Third Space® [Dr Adam Fraser]

We all know what it’s like to have a big day at work. The kind of day where things don’t go exactly to plan, or you had to make some tough decisions, or, simply, when each hour of your ticked by ever so slowly.

On these dates, when arrive home, we’re in a less-than-happy mood.

Perhaps we carry some of the baggage from work and bring it home with us. Or, perhaps, we take it out on the people we really care about.

This week’s guest, Dr Adam Fraser, stresses the importance of creating a buffer zone between work and home, or even between one meeting and the next, so you can reflect, rest and reset yourself. He calls this zone, wherever it is, The Third Space.

Dr Fraser is a peak performance researcher, professional speaker, author and consultant who partners with various universities to further our knowledge in the areas of performance, culture and wellbeing.

The Third Space

Dr Fraser explains The Third Space like this…

The first space is what you’re doing now.

The second space is what you’re about to do.

The Third Space is the transitional gap between the two.

What makes an effective transition between the first and second space, is determined by the process you go through when you’re in the Third Space.

First you reflect on your day, or the meeting you just came from, or the conversation you just had. Ask yourself: How did I do? What did I achieve? How can I do better next time? Whatever helps you move forward.

After you’ve reflected, it’s time for rest. This could be a sudoku on the bus home. Or this could be some breathing exercises. Or a quick meditation. Or sitting down on a bean bag.

The third and final step is to reset yourself for what you’re about to do. This is about thinking, “how do I want to present myself?” It’s about being intentional with the mood and presence you want to bring into the next room.

Wherever this space is for you – the bus, the car, the corridor between offices – The Third Space is about self-awareness and intentionality.

To hear full conversation with Dr Adam Fraser, listen to Episode 33 of It’s Never About Money.



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