The Entrepreneurial Mindset [Ben Lipschitz]

Hard work pays off. It doesn’t happen the same for everyone, but sooner or later the outcome is the same.

Hard work pays off.

This week’s guest, Ben Lipschitz, knows a whole lot about hard work in his relatively short, but illustrious career.

Ben Lipschitz is co-founder and CEO of FoodByUs, Australia’s largest online hospitality marketplace that connects restaurants, cafes, and caterers with thousands of wholesale food and alcohol suppliers. In 2021, he was also recognised as one of Australia’s top 100 Young Entrepreneurs.

Ben started his career as a lawyer, but when he considered his future in the profession, he realised that he didn’t see himself practising law for the rest of his life.

So, he shifted his career and started a footwear company. It was here he learned what it took to run a business: keeping calm during a crisis and having good problem solving skills.

Ben’s career has thrived because he’s constantly adapting, learning from experiences and looking for growth wherever possible.

Ben lineates his strong ethic from his parents, who migrated to Australia in their mid 30s with three young kids, and made a life for themselves. Working hard against all odds to make ends meet.

Ben has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. He latches onto great ideas and asks questions like, “how are we going to get it to work?” and, “What 52 things can we try to build and improve upon it?”

Because of his constant want for progression, Ben cheekily admits he wouldn’t be the best employee and is thankful for the structured and hardworking team around him.

To hear the full conversation, listen to Episode 34 of It’s Never About Money.

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