Harnessing Creativity [James Gatling]

What does it mean to be creative? Is it a skill you can learn? Is there a way to better harness your creativity?

This week’s guest, James Gatling, thinks that there is a misception when it comes to creativity. People see it as a bolt from the blue, some divine intervention, but he thinks it’s more a learned behaviour. A skill that you work on like any other.

James Gatling is lead guitarist in Brisbane band, WAAX. WAAX have just finished recording their second album, At Least I’m Free, which comes out on August 5th via Dew Process/Universal.

Harnessing creativity is obviously very important as a musician, but it’s also an incredibly valuable skill for any profession and career. Being able to think laterally, outside of the box, to come up with solutions and brainstorm is as important in the boardroom as it is in the recording studio.

James’ method for letting creativity flow is quite a simple one. It’s all about having a space dedicated to music and writing. He describes walking into the studio and, almost like muscle memory, feeling his body and mind click into a creative gear.

But is creativity an innate skill that people are born with? Can you learn to be creative? James certainly seems to think so. He explained that he didn’t always know how to play guitar, and he certainly didn’t just pick it up and play, but it took years of practice and dedication to hone. He thinks that this same process can be applied to creativity; that we can learn to be creative, and improve creativity, with practice.

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> YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4WKWP_Ua_-HI5z1EdGKSBA
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