Financial Literacy in the Asia-Pacific region [Darian Clark]

Financial literacy has the power to change lives.

In the latest episode of It’s Never About Money, I sat down with Darian Clark, the CEO of CUFA, to explore the social impact of financial literacy.

CUFA, formerly known as Credit Union Foundation Australia is an independent, secular, not-for-profit Australian development organisation. It works as a bridge, providing people with the skills and tools around financial literacy to start and run their own businesses.

They also offer long-term mentoring and support to help individuals succeed. Small business is seen as the ultimate act of passion, and CUFA does everything within their power to help communities and individuals overcome barriers and thrive.

CUFA’s financial literacy programmes don’t end there. They also work with primary school children, providing them with financial literacy education. This unique approach involves directly delivering financial literacy lessons in school classrooms. Their goal is to encourage critical saving habits and educate students on financial services. CUFA even helps the children set up their savings accounts in community-owned banks.

Through this programme, they also empower teachers to deliver their curriculum, allowing for greater reach and sustainability. The aim of CUFA is not to own knowledge, but to share it. They hope to work with national departments of education to integrate financial literacy into school curricula. By doing so, they aim to create long-term change and improve outcomes for future generations.

We have been working with CUFA with their Children’s Financial Literacy programme, including a trip to PNG to teach financial literacy in a local school and a short children’s financial literacy booklet.

Through organisations like CUFA, individuals in impoverished areas are given the tools and support they need to succeed, providing economic opportunities and empowerment. By integrating financial literacy into school curricula, the impact can be multiplied, creating a more equitable and financially empowered future for generations to come.

To hear the full conversation with Darian Clark, listen to episode 52 of It’s Never About Money.

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