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Back in January 2022, Joe was a guest on the podcast My Business Playbook. Hosted by Laura Higgins, My Business Playbook is a podcast for creatives trying to build their dream business.

Their conversation was all about having a long term wealth strategy. They discuss why you need a long term wealth strategy, how to actually build one, and how to use your business to support your personal financial goals and wealth.

A key part of the conversation was Joe’s approach to wealth and success. As echoed in his podcast It’s Never About Money, Joe talks about the connection between meaning and money. He acknowledges that money and wealth strategies are important (and are obviously foundational for Stephan Independent Advisory), but the journey of success doesn’t start and end with money.

Joe stresses the importance of the other kinds of wealth such as spending time with your friends and loved ones and looking after your mental and physical health. He talks about how business owners often find themselves at an impasse in their life where their business is financially successful, but isn’t bringing them any joy.

Joe implores these business owners to be self reflective in their careers and ask themselves, “Is this doing what I intended it to do? And if it is not, what do I do about it to change? How do I become more authentic as a business owner within the business and be true to who I am and what my family needs.”

It all boils down to the idea that financial success is only one small part of overall success. 

Listen to Joe’s full conversation with Laura Higgins on My Business Playbook here.

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