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It’s Never About Money is all about the pursuit of a meaningful life; what does it look like? How do we quantify it? How do we achieve it?

What does success mean to you? Is it defined by a bank balance? Is success the ability to directly help other people and the community at large? Is there a trade off between pursuing success and pursuing meaning?

We believe that if you focus on the meaning, money will follow. But if you focus on the money, meaning may not follow. On It’s Never About Money, I interview successful people who are pursuing a happy, whole life. A meaningful life.

I’d love for you to be a part of our podcast family. I endeavor to dig down deeper to truly understand what it means to be successful, approaching each conversation with a single phrase ringing in my mind: It’s Never About Money.

Meet the host

Joe Stephan

As the co-founder of private wealth management firm, Stephan Independent Advisory, Joe helps successful family business owners to build their long term wealth strategy. In his years working as a financial advisor and lecturing at prestigious universities, Joe has seen and helped some of Australia’s most successful family business owners, causing him to realise – for the most successful people, it’s always about more than just money.

But if it’s not money, then what is success, really?

That’s the question we’re seeking to find the answer to – on “It’s Never About Money”.

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