The Pursuit of Meaning [Travis Shelton]

What does it mean to pursue meaning over money?

Is it really a binary? Is there meaning OR money?

Can you do both? Can money buy you happiness?

It’s not very often that you come across someone whose philosophy is completely aligned with your own. But this week, I sat down and had an amazing conversation with someone whose ideas and values mirrored my own.

Travis Shelton is a professional financial coach, speaker, writer, and host of the Meaning Over Money podcast. 

Travis helps businesses and families have a healthy relationship with money, not necessarily to have more, but rather to live a more meaningful life by pursuing work that matters and creating an impact on others. 

He works with a wide range of people from professional athletes, executives, teachers, and lawyers to business owners. While each person’s journey is different, there are common themes when it comes to the emotional, relational, and psychological aspects of money. 

A lot of our conversation could be boiled down to one concept: the pursuit of meaning over money. It doesn’t really need to be pointed out, but this is the core concept of both our podcasts.

In the episode, Travis talks about polarising or seemingly contrasting notions, like meaning Vs money. He explains that these notions just simply aren’t correct. Pursuing meaning doesn’t mean you’re going to live a life of poverty. 

“If you pursue money, you just might find it. You very well could find it. But if you choose meaning, you will find meaning. And you will have a deep meaningful life and you may have some money along the way.”

But what about the adage ‘money can’t buy happiness’. Well, the truth is that it can… to a certain point. We need money to ensure our basic needs are met – to pay bills, have food and water, and a roof over our heads.

Our conversation is brimming with insight and thought-provoking philosophical thought. Writing about it simply won’t do it any justice. Have a listen for yourself!

To hear the full conversation with Travis Shelton, listen to episode 49 of It’s Never About Money.

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