Working With Cufa Article

Working with Cufa

Here at It’s Never About Money, we strongly believe that a life well lead incorporates more than just accumulating financial wealth.

Having said this, we acknowledge the importance of financial wealth, but believe there are other kinds of wealth such as family, relationships, health, the environment, and giving.

We also acknowledge that is a privileged view to have because of our financial and social security. There are many people in the world who don’t have the privilege of not having to worry about money, or clean drinking water, or food, or a roof over their heads, or education. We have the means and the opportunity to empower and support others, and we believe it’s our social responsibility to do so.

This is why we have decided to work with Cufa.

Why Cufa?

Cufa is an international development agency committed to alleviating poverty and creating sustainable results across the Asia Pacific. Cufa’s mission is to facilitate the development of economic capacity through education, employment and enterprise opportunities to create value and self-reliance.

Cufa are champions of the old adage, ‘teach a person a fish, and they will eat for a lifetime’. 

Financial literacy, which we often take for granted, helps people to self-determine and self-sustain, through education and empowerment. 

We wanted to work with Cufa because their ethos resonates with us as a family. The background of the Stephan family is in academia. Our father, Magdy, was an advocate and an educator for the next generation of financial planners. He came from a migrant background and believed that education was an important and beneficial tool to improve lives and empower people

My brother, James, and I were blessed to have the opportunities afforded to us by his efforts. And, now, we want to contribute to the community and help give these same opportunities to those who are less fortunate than us.

Our journey here

We found Cufa through a charity matching service called Seedling Giving. Seedling asked James and me pertinent questions in order to learn about our values, passions and life experiences. They then took this information and matched us with a charity that aligns with our beliefs and what we care about. 

They found us Cufa, and we couldn’t have found a more perfect match without them.

You can read an article written by Jessica Bowman and Kylie Wallace from Seedling Giving about the importance and benefits of giving and philanthropy here.

Working with Cufa means believing in social change with sustainable results.

We are excited to work with Cufa and give back to communities that don’t have the same privileges as us. We hope to get more involved in the future by visiting Papua New Guinea and working first hand with these communities. 

The world isn’t all about money, it’s about people. 

And by working with Cufa, we can start to bridge the gaps in education, employment and opportunity.

For more information about this cause, head to their website

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